Brown Basmati Rice
Brown Basmati Rice

Brown Basmati Rice

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Unpolished, long-grain Brown Basmati Rice that’s naturally aromatic. It’s perfect for daily consumption and will quickly become a staple in your household.

It pairs well with curries, stir-fries, dals (pulses/lentils), and can even be used for biryani, pulao, khichdi, pilaf, stew, kheer, fried rice, etc.

What makes Basmati rice so unique when compared to other varieties?

  • Fragrant & fluffy when cooked, and absorbs added flavours well
  • Longer grains compared to other varieties. It maintains its elongated shape after cooking
  • A low glycemic index helps reduce blood sugar and aid weight loss
  • Approximately 20% more fibre in brown basmati rice compared to other varieties of brown rice

Ingredients: Organic Unpolished Brown Basmati Rice

Source: Paddy is grown at our family-owned farm in Abohar, Punjab. The Brown Basmati Rice is packaged in-house. It’s certified organic, chemical free, pesticide free, non-GMO, gluten free, and free of artificial colors and preservatives.

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